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LINA is our watch collection with an additional feeling of luxury: the pearl dial magically give these watches an exclusive and classic touch. LINA's 6 mm watch case is quite thin compared to her siblings, which gives her a unique sense of elegance. Similarly, the 34-mm diameter of the watch case makes her slightly more modest than the other collections, except for THE AMY. The watch band is 16 mm wide. Needless to say, you can easily adjust the size of this watch band yourself: follow the instructions provided on the card. LINA has a subtle clasp and is available in four colours: rose gold, gold, silver and black.


Bölge    Süre
Avrupa   1-2 iş günü içinde
Dünya   2-4 iş günü içinde
Kasa kalınlığı: 6 mm
Kasa rengi: Altın
Kasa çapı: 34 mm
Kadran rengi: Beyaz
Saat mekanizması: Quartz
Kordon rengi: Altın
Garanti: 1 yil
Su geçirmezlik: 30 M