He’s a little rugged, but definitely not coarse. She turns her coolness into elegance. Together, they’re a loving couple that met at the drawing table last year. It was love at first sight. They belong together, even when they’re apart, decorating their owner’s wrist. This duo of watches, ADAM & EVE, has a slight sporty feel, yet with a clean and classy finish. Both watches have a round, black watch case: ADAM is 41 mm in diameter, EVE 36 mm, both are 7 mm thick. ADAM’S watch band is a little wider with 20 mm, whereas EVE’s got an elegant width of 16 mm. Close them with the clasp. Need a size bigger or smaller to make it fit? It’s quite easy to adjust the watches’ sizes yourself, making sure ADAM & EVE will fit your wrist perfectly. Just follow the instructions provided in the packaging. This lovely couple is only available as a set and is a limited edition. 


Bölge    Süre
Avrupa   1-2 iş günü içinde
Dünya   2-4 iş günü içinde
Kasa kalınlığı: 7 mm
Kasa rengi: Gümüş
Kasa çapı: 41 mm & 36 mm
Kadran rengi: Beyaz
Saat mekanizması: Quartz
Kordon rengi: Gümüş
Garanti: 1 yil
Su geçirmezlik: 30 M