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About Us

Burker Watches is a young, fast growing watch brand for women. Moving with the times gets a whole new meaning at Burker Watches. Time is of the essence, to us. It's in the heart of our business. It's the time you wear on your wrist. Based in the fashionable city of Amsterdam, we passionately design watches that make sure fashion and design are accessible to every woman, now and in the future. Our collections are created to offer women a lovely, yet timeless accessory that never takes over from her wearer. A worthy, elegant watch blends in with your outfit – not even the most remarkable detail will steal your glory. 

Yes, we look at trends. We bend them boldly by mixing colours with a minimalistic design and clean finishes. Yet, we value the sustainable character a watch inherently contains. After all, you wear it with pride for years to come. That's why each watch in our collection must live up to strict quality demands. And it's why we design watches that allow you to change the straps. This is how a watch becomes part of your look. It's how we move with the times. Your time.


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